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  • Trinity toolbox - podcast edition

    Summer Series

    This summer, we will offer our first ever Trinity Toolbox Course via podcast, titled "Tough Texts". Pastor Paul will tackle a different "tough text" each week.

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    Week 1: 2 Samuel 12:23 (Discuss the difficult passage where King David's son dies and David remarks that

                  "he  (David)  will go to his son.")

    Week 2: Divorce and Remarriage (What does the Bible say regarding divorce and remarriage?)

    Week 3: Train Up a Child  (This week we look at Proverbs 22:6 which suggests that if a child is brought up "correctly" than he or she will not depart from it. But what is this passage really saying?)

    Week 4: Parenting (Part 2) (This week we talk about parenting more generally.)

    Week 5: Judgement (This podcast addresses a question that was submitted: "Do Christians come before God to be judged? How many judgements are there?")

    Week 6: Social Media  (Ty talks with young adults about social media practices.)

    Week 7:  Eternal Security (There were multiple submissions all related to the topic of eternal security. Can a Christian lose their salvation?)

    Week 8: Taking a week off of our "Tough Texts" as we look to the new mobile game Pokemon GO and attempt to offer some insight on the game itself and our response to it as a church.

  • 40 Days of Prayer

    Begins Sunday, July 10th through Thursday, August 18th

    40 Days of Prayer for Our Generations and Our Community begins this Sunday, July 10th.

    Sunday Community Groups will be suspended during this time to allow people to participate in 1 of 10 Prayer Groups that will meet weekly to pray as a group for the next generation in our church, in our lives, and in our community. Please consider being a part of a group.  CLICK HERE to see a list of the groups, the group leaders contact information and the times, days and locations when they meet.

    If you are unable to commit to joining a Prayer Group or want to increase your prayer time, you can participate by 1) using the Prayer Guide on a daily basis and/or 2) regularly visiting the "Kneel Room" at Trinity to spend time in quiet prayer for the next generation that is impacted through Trinity's ministries.

  • Moms2tots Summer Play date

    Tuesday, July 26th @ 10:00am

    Grab your little ones and come out to Helen Hazen Wyman park in Concord Township for our annual Moms2Tots Summer Play Date. We'll meet at 10am for some outdoor fun! contact Holly at 954-1703 for more information.

  • senior fellowship picnic

    Friday, July 29th  @ 3:00pm

    Invite a friend and join us at Concord Woods Park! Dinner will be served around 5:30pm, but feel free to come earlier. Bring your own beverage and a dish to share. Hamburgers and hotdogs will be provided. Please RSVP to Sue at 551-9490.

    Note: There will be no Tuesday Fellowship Potluck Dinner this month.

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